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Basement or cellar conversions are what our builders and general contractors specialise in. We have been providing our professional basement conversion services to local London businesses, corporations, landlords and homeowners for years. Our close-knit team of skilled basement builders have the correct qualifications and training to carry out the full basement conversion service.

From excavation and underpinning to refurbishment and lighting, we will give you the full service to make sure your new basement is up to the standards you were expecting.

You can browse through our company website to see the services we provide. All of our basement services are done by qualified professionals, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the work will be completed at a high-quality standard.

Feel free to read the reviews our previous clients have left on our client testimonials page. You don’t have to take our word for it, read what our clients have said!

A Company That Specialises in Basement Construction London

UHM Basements are perfectionists who specialise in all services associated with basement construction. For this reason, we are the best option for London properties.

We understand the extensive planning process as well as the specifications of building and planning permission.

Our friendly team are reliable and will complete all work agreed on in the first consultation. We take pride in our work and expect the results of your new basement to be nothing short of perfect.

Because UHM Basements care about our clients and believe that trust and integrity is a vital part of any business to client relationship, we are fully insured and take the adequate safety precautions during construction on the building site and surrounding areas.

If you are looking for a basement conversion company that is straight-forward, honest, on time and fully qualified, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can speak to one of our friendly builders by calling us on 0208 516 7751 and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

You can also contact us by filling in the enquiry form on our website for a free call back as soon as possible or at a time that is convenient for you.

London Basement Construction Specialists

What Is The Basement Conversion Cost?

A basement conversion is a worthwhile investment for any business owner, landlord or property owner. This is a difficult question to answer because each client is different and requires different needs. Therefore there are a variety of services and work to carry out, which can result in an increase or decrease in price.

There are a few factors that can affect the overall cost of a basement conversion:

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”The Type Of Property” style=”simple”]

Size of space – The size of the current basement is one of the main factors in pricing. If the current basement or cellar is already an adequate size for the room’s purpose, then this factor won’t contribute much to the final cost. However, if your basement or cellar needs an extension under the entire building, it can take a lot longer as the site will need to be underpinned.

Use of space – What the space is going to be used for needs to be discussed in planning. This is going to affect the amount of materials needed, the resources required (such as plumbing, electricity, drainage, etc.), the building time and the labour, therefore the overall basement conversion cost may increase.

Our professional builders and fully-trained general contractors at UHM Basements in London[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”The Foundations” style=”simple”]

Walls, floors and ceilings – The materials of the current flooring, walls and ceilings can affect pricing. For example, you will need to figure out whether your basement or cellar walls are made from brick, stone or concrete. On top of this, the state of the current walls, flooring and ceiling and whether or not they need retouching or replacing will also increase the price.

The finishing touches such as wooden, carpet or marbling flooring and the wall coverings (tiles, paint, or wallpaper) will also need to be discussed during the design and planning stage to calculate the final costs.

Water penetration – This refers to the history of the space in the respect of water penetration. If the basement area is damp or wet, it will need additional care and services to make the foundations of your basement or cellar strong enough to hold the rest of the building.

As well as this, if you have water damage in your basement, you will need basement waterproofing services, which is a requirement to having a safe and functional basement.

Plumbing and electricity – The existing plumbing and heating system and the existing electrical supply will also contribute to the final cost of your new basement conversion. If your basement currently has an efficient, fully functioning plumbing and heating system, and electric that is properly connected to the rest of the building or property, no additional works will need to be carried out on the water and electric system.

UHM Basements is made up of a team of skilled builders and general contractors that are qualified to carry out the full basement conversion and extension service for their London clients. This means that we can happily facilitate the whole basement construction service from the beginning with underpinning, groundworks, drainage and plumbing installation to the finishing touches of fitting doors and windows, lighting furnishing and decoration.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Height Restrictions” style=”simple”]

The floor to ceiling height also needs to be taken into account and will contribute to the final price. If the buildings current basement is not tall enough to be a practical living or working space, then your basement will need a floor to ceiling extension.

Depending on the purpose of the basement/cellar space, there will need to be height adjustments. For example, if the basement is going to be used as a gym or fitness suite, there will need to be enough room for people to jump around and for the workout machines to fit. If the space is going to be used as a car park, there will need to be a height adjustment to accommodate the maximum vehicle height.

If you are looking to have a basement with real windows for natural light and ventilation, the basement ceiling will need to be above ground level to make the windows usable and functional.

The team at UHM Basements take into consideration the floor to ceiling height of your current basement and have the experience and knowledge to find out the sufficient space needed to make an appropriate ceiling height for the basement’s use.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Access Routes” style=”simple”]

Accessing your basement is important and not having an access route to your new basement will be pointless. Depending on the size of your basement conversion and how many people will need to access it, you may need an elevator installed with an underground floor button to make entering the basement area (such as an office or supermarket car park).

For smaller and less busy basement areas, stairs or even a slope or ramp may be sufficient to access the basement. The staircase and access routes will add to the cost of the new basement construction.

There will also need to be a fire escape or two especially if the basement is in a commercial property to avoid safety hazards in the case of a fire. These access points need to be well thought out and designed to make entering and exiting the basement area quick and easy.

At UHM Basements we are completely transparent and will provide you with a quote on all works planned to be carried out. Our honest builders and general contractors are trustworthy and will give you peace of mind that all the work agreed on will be carried out and completed to a professional standard.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

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Benefits of A Basement Extension

There are so many benefits to getting a basement conversion. It creates extra space to add to the functionality and efficiency of your building or home and also adds value to the property. Below are a few benefits that a basement construction will give you as a business owner, landlord or homeowner:

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”More Space Without The Added Footprint” style=”simple”]

With the population growing, it has been estimated that about four million new homes will be needed in the next 20 years in the United Kingdom. Knowing that, it is clear that the most obvious solution is not to use the available building land left, but to utilise the land you already have by going down.

Adding a basement or cellar to your home or commercial property will allow you to expand your business and work area to get the most out of your property. It is a sustainable solution to expanding your space without increasing the size of the footprint you leave.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Better Site Utilisation” style=”simple”]

A basement will help you with utilising the construction site especially in the case of a new building construction if you have to dig deep foundations, it will make more economic sense for you to add a basement.

It also gives you advantages if your building is already completed and is already in use. A basement creates extra space in your building without the irony of taking up more land space as a house or building extension would.

Basements are also a great way of gaining extra space in sensitive sites where there are height restrictions. A full basement can mean that the building can benefit from an additional storey without having to raise the height of the roof, like a loft conversion would.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Multi-Purpose Use” style=”simple”]

A full or semi-basement can be used in a variety of different ways and purposes. A basement has so many possibilities, which makes it a flexible area suitable for many uses.

For homes and tenanted properties, a basement would make an ideal space for a spare bedroom, home office, playroom/games room, home cinema, gym, laundry room, indoor swimming pool, wine cellar and so much more.

Commercial properties and industrial buildings will likely use a basement area as underground car parking or a warehouse and storage area.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Energy Efficient” style=”simple”]

A basement is also fairly good at insulating. Because a basement has fewer directly exposed external walls, insulation is improved and the means of construction incorporates additional mass. The result of this is that the basement does not overheat or cool down too quickly.

Therefore, it helps the room to retain heat as well as to control the fluctuations in temperature. Sources such as the Basement Development Group say that a house or small property with a basement can be as much as 10% more thermally efficient than a house or property that is built entirely above ground. It also saves you money with the amount of insulation material needed.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Semi-Basements” style=”simple”]

A sloping site or semi-basement has the same feel as a full-basement, but it is not entirely a separate storey. Rather than being on level throughout the whole basement room, a semi-basement is a storey of building that is partly below ground level.

Semi-basements are perfect for commercial buildings with cinemas or large tenanted properties and commercial properties that want to include an underground parking area.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

Cellar Conversion – Common Questions Answered

As experienced basement builders and general contractors in London, we have worked with many clients. Naturally, with something as extensive as a basement conversion, our clients have important questions to ask. We care about you as a client and would like nothing more than to build a trust between our team at UHM Basements and you.

For this reason, we have compiled some frequently asked questions into one list. There are a few common questions we have been asked by clients in the past.

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”What is Underpinning?” style=”simple”]

Underpinning is a solid foundation that is laid under the ground level of a structure to support and strengthen the building. It is an important aspect of building a safe, strong and secure foundation to your basement or building.

We provide a range of underpinning and foundation repair systems including Mass Concrete Underpinning, Beam and Base, Mini-piled underpinning and Reinforced Concrete Works.

As professional builders and general contractors, we understand the legal requirements needed to carry out underpinning services and works. All underpinning work carried out on building foundations ought to be notifiable work under the Building Regulations Act. We will take care of these requirements by making the application during the planning stage to avoid inconvenience.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Will I Need Underpinning?” style=”simple”]

If your building has been damaged by foundation movement, it will need structural repairs and strengthening work to make sure that the building is stable enough to stand on top of your new basement conversion.

If you have an existing basement or cellar that is fairly recently build, then underpinning may not be required.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Can I Have A Basement If The Building Is Already Built?” style=”simple”]

The short answer is yes! It is possible and we have done it before. You can view our work by browsing through our website to see which projects we have covered that did not have an existing cellar.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Do I Need Planning Permission?” style=”simple”]

If you are looking to convert an existing cellar from a storage area to a fully functioning, habitable living space, entertainment room, fitness suite or home office, then you will not require any planning permission. This is because it is already an existing part of your building and should be covered by your home’s Permitted Development.

However, if you are extending your property or having a basement extension to increase your basement’s size or ceiling height, then planning permission will likely be required.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

London Cellar Conversions

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At UHM Basements London, we take pride in all of the work we do. We make it our mission to provide a professional, high-quality standard of work for all the jobs we take on and all the clients we work with. UHM Basements’ team of skilled builders and general contractors provide excellent workmanship and have the adequate training and qualifications to carry out our tailored basement services including basement conversion, basement construction, basement waterproofing and basement refurbishment.

For more information on our professional London basement conversion services feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team. You can contact the UHM Basements team by calling us on 0208 516 7751 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your new basement and what we can do for you.

Alternatively, you can use the contact form on our website make an enquiry and we will call you back as soon as possible or contact you through email if you prefer.

We are passionate about helping the local London community and we work with FTSE companies, commercial properties and small businesses that are looking to expand. We can also help you as a homeowner or landlord if you want to add an extra underground storey to your property or are looking for a way to increase your property’s functionality and market value.

We, at UHM Basements Limited, look forward to hearing from you!

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