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At UHM Basements Ltd, we offer an extensive basement construction service to clients in London including FTSE companies, commercial buildings, small business and landlords in and around the local surrounding area.

We can offer you a full basement construction from scratch, including excavation and underpinning works, plumbing and electrical fittings, basement waterproofing and refurbishment to converting an existing basement or cellar into a functioning storage room, car park, entertainment room, gym or living space.

Our basement builders and general contractors are fully qualified to carry out all the works required to build your dream basement. We combine style with practicality, so you can be sure that you are maximising the full use out of your investment.

With Under House Management Ltd Not only are we trained and qualified but we work with a close knit team of builders who are very experienced and knowledgeable, giving them the sufficient proficiency and skill to carry out any job, no matter how big or small.

The builders and contractors at UHM Basements Ltd work well as a team, which will give you reassurance knowing that the job will be completed on time with minimal disturbance.

To read more about our basement conversion service please feel to browse our website or contact us on 0208 516 7751 or by filling out the get in touch form on the contact page.

What is Basement Waterproofing?

Choosing to convert your current damp basement or cellar into a habitable, practical, entertainment room, car park, gym/fitness suite, office or casual living area can in fact be a surprisingly inexpensive way of increasing your commercial building or property’s space. It is also a great way of increasing your property’s market value, so if you are a landlord or are looking to put your property on the market.
Basement waterproofing is the treatment needed for basements and cellars, tanking systems and cavity drain membrane to make them dry and usable. It creates a waterproof barrier to make sure that water penetration doesn’t occur in your basement’s structure. This will make the walls and floors waterproof, which will prevent problems such as water damage, premature wearing and any other potential issues that may affect your buildings strength and stability due to water damage.
Basement waterproofing services can also be applied to other properties that do not have a basement but have ground-level rooms, especially in older properties where the ground level floor is below external ground level to add extra reassurance and solidity.

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Why Does My New Basement Need Waterproofing?

A commercial building or property is an important investment and it will need regular maintenance and refurbishment to keep the interior in tip top shape. However, it is also important to make certain that the building’s foundations are structurally sound, for the safety of the people in the building and around it.
When it comes to a basement or cellar, it is just as important because it is at the base of the building, which means it has to be strong and stable to take the weight of the rest of your building.
Basement waterproofing London is a vital step in the construction and maintenance of your basement.
At UHM Basements, we have seen the effects of a lack of proper basement waterproofing and the horrible effects it can have to your building. That is why we provide you with a waterproofing and tanking service to avoid these situations.

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UHM Basements Waterproofing Service London

Our highly-skilled and experienced builders and general contractors are fully trained in all aspects of basement services. This includes basement construction, extensions and conversion as well as additional basement repair and general basement maintenance. This makes sets UHM Basements apart from all the other large basement conversion companies as we have the knowledge and experience needed to provide you with a full basement service from start to finish.
Because we have so much experience under our belts and have a close-knit team of fully trained and qualified builders and contractors, we have the skills to assess your current basement or cellar to provide a solution to your basement’s problems.
Our basement waterproofing services in London is a long-term solution to damp basement and will eliminate the possibility of water penetration. This will make your basement the perfect foundation for a conversion and will keep your property looking great and functioning correctly for many years to come!

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